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Air Traffic Control Simulator

This simulation for Android devices lets you take the busy position of an air traffic controller at an area control center! Your task is to safely guide aircraft through your sector, avoiding conflicts and creating an efficient traffic flow. You will even have to deal with emergencies and thunderstorms!


  • Air Traffic Control Simulator
  • Simulates an Area Control Center
  • Sound - hear aircraft readback
  • Assign altitudes (and vertical speeds), headings and speeds
  • Guide aircraft along airways or with direct-to Clearances
  • Guide aircraft from the entry to the exit point
  • Coordinate with other sectors
  • Try to get aircraft as close as possible to their requested level
  • Deal with aircraft avoiding weather
  • 42 Different airlines and 21 aircraft types
  • Use conflict prediction tools
  • Three sectors, will be more in future versions
  • Score system to measure success
  • Savegame feature
  • Select difficulty by aircraft rate
  • Customize datatag and target symbols
  • Upload scores and compare to other players
  • Zoom Function
  • Optimized for tablets