§1 developer data

The developer of RadarContact and RadarContactCenter is:

Maximilian Hirn
E-Mail: support@maxhirn.at

Please use the above address or the contact form here for any inquiry about the use of your data.

§2 personal data used, collected and shared

None. The applications RadarContact and RadarContactCenter do not collect any personal data and therefore also do not share any data. In the main menu, the player's name may be entered. However, this is meant as a nickname, any fictional name can also be entered and this entry is only stored in the app's local data and is not transmitted to other parties in any way.

§3 parties with which personal data are shared


§4 secure data handling procedures

Not applicable, as no data is transmitted and no personal data is stored.

§5 data retention and deletion policy

Not applicable, as no personal data is stored.

§6 previous data

In previous versions of RadarContact and RadarContactCenter highscores were transmitted to and stored on a server. This function is now deactivated. All the data stored was completely anonymous with only score values but no personal data included.

§7 summary

The applications RadarContact and RadarContactCenter do not store or transmit any personal data.