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Welcome to my website! My passion is aviation, so I fly for a living but also just for fun. I love flying trips in general aviation airplanes, some of which I would like to show you on this website. I am also in IT, developing apps for Android and on the web. More about all of this here.

Pilot & App/Web Developer.

So far I have spent about 10700 hours in the air. I did not count those in front of the computer ;-)

  • Birthday: 1 July 1982
  • From: Innsbruck, Austria
  • Fixed-Wing Licence: ATPL
  • Helicopter Licence: PPL
  • Field of Study: Computer Science
  • Degree: MSc
  • E-Mail:
  • Main Job: A320 Captain

My interest in aviation was sparked at age 15, taking up flying model airplanes with friends. I then began to use home flight simulators to dive deeper into this world. A Commodore C64, given to me as a present from my father, introduced me to computers and soon after, I started programming.


Some of the following numbers change constantly, so while I try to keep them up to date, please only consider them estimates.

Flight Hours total

Aircraft types flown

Airfields visited

KM farthest flight

Aviation Skills

Facts & Figures about my flying

Profession and hobby

  • Types Flown: B737NG, A320, DV20, DA40, DA42, PA28, PA44, C172, A211, WT9, C152, E300, SF25, R44
  • Licences: Fixed-Wing ATPL, Helicopter PPL
  • Ratings/Endorsements: A320, R44, SEP(land), SEP(sea), MEP(land), TMG, IR, Night(A)
  • Instructor Privileges: PPL, CPL, IR, Night, TMG, SEP(land)

IT Skills

Currently I mainly work on web applications using html, css, php, Javascript and mysql. A while back, I developed a few Android apps - you can find details below.

HTML 80%
CSS 80%
JavaScript 90%
PHP 90%
Android 80%
SQL 80%
Find all my apps in the Google Play Store. They are free!



Max Hirn

Pilot and flight instructor with a focus on safety, including experience in safety management. IT professional specializing in web development providing high-quality, easy to use solutions.


Flight Instructor Training


Innsbruck, Austria

Master - Computer Science

2007 - 2011

University of Innsbruck, Austria

Bachelor - Computer Science

2001 - 2004

University of Innsbruck, Austria

Pilot Training

2001 - 2004

Various Locations - European ATPL, FAA CPL

Secondary School

1992 - 2000

Innsbruck, Austria

Professional Experience

Airline Pilot

2005 - Present

Vienna, Austria

  • First Officer Boeing 737NG 2005 - 2013
  • First Officer Airbus A320 Family 2013 - 2017
  • Captain Airbus A320 Family 2017 - Present

Flight Instructor

2014 - Present

Innsbruck, Austria

  • Private Pilot Licence
  • Commercial Pilot Licence
  • Instrument Rating
  • Night Rating

Safety Manager

2014 - 2019

Flugsportzentrum Tirol, Austria

  • Flightschool Safety Management
  • SMS Implementation
  • Hazard/Risk Assessment

IT Professional

2011 - Present

Innsbruck, Austria

  • Android Applications
  • Web Applications
  • Java, HTML, CSS, SQL, PHP

Apps & Aviation

Here you can find information about my Android apps (two air traffic control simulators and a flight time calculator) and Udemy courses, images/videos of my flying trips and hopefully some helpful advice for general aviation flying in Australia.

  • All
  • Apps
  • Flying
  • Courses


A collection of information that might be useful.

Flying in Australia

A guide to general aviation flying in Australia for foreign pilots - licensing, charts, planning, operations and resources.

Language Proficiency

If you need an EASA language proficiency check (initital or revalidation), I recommend! It can be done completely online.

Simulator Booking

Are you an examiner or a commercial pilot requiring a simulator for a checkride or any training in Europe? crew4sim can help you with that.

Fixed Wing Training

My flying club: Flugsportzentrum Tirol. If you are looking for PPL/CPL or IR training or just a great club for charter in western Austria or its surroundings, check it out!

Helicopter Training

The helicopter operator where I did my flight training: HubiFly. An excellent school with great instructors if you are looking for helicopter training near Vienna.

EASA Regulations

An important site for any aviation professional - I recommend looking for the consolidated or easy access version of the respective regulation, where available.



Innsbruck, Austria

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