IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ: This program may ONLY be used to estimate loading data or experiment with different loading variants. It DOES NOT replace calculating your mass and balance conditions manually using the approved and updated AFM! The author takes no responsibility for any incorrect usage!

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Instructions For Use

1) Enter empty mass and moment of your DA42 aircraft in the respective text fields.
2) Enter all remaining masses in KG - enter fuel in USGAL and deicing-fluid in LITER.
3) Press "Calculate". The loading will be checked and you will be informed whether it is
within limits. The calculation is ONLY CORRECT for aircraft with MAEM 42-088
(max. T/O mass 1785kg) carried out!
4) If the loading is not within limits pressing "Suggestions" will bring up a dialog containing suggestions
on how to correct the loading by shifting baggage. These suggestions are partially based on assumptions
and may not lead to a solution, also they always only represent one of usually many solutions to the given
problem. If the shown solutions do not solve your problem please correct the loading yourself.
In addition, the suggestions only try to shift baggage but not persons except in very few special cases.
5) Pressing "Show Mass/CG Plot" brings up a graphical presentation of the loading conditions
with center of gravity in meters on the x-axis and aircraft mass in kg on the y-axis.
Limits for max. T/O mass 1700kg are displayed for reference, the program does however ONLY
use max. T/O mass 1785kg and the associated limits as reference for its calculation.
6) Repeat the calculation with deicing fluid set to 0.0. This is required to account for a
possible reduction of the fluid amount during flight.
7) Check the results with your approved and updated AFM. MANDATORY!
Have a pleasant and safe flight!